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Questions & Answers

General Answers

What is your policy on discipline?

There are numerous facets to questions on discipline. Please see the WCS Parent & Student Handbook for specific answers. In general, our goal is not to suppress youthful exuberance, but to create a climate where learning is maximized and respectful obedience and cooperation is both expected and routine.

What is your maximum class size?

Maximum class size varies by grade in Elementary School, and by subject in Middle School and High School. For Kindergarten classes, our target is 20 students. For grades 1-2: our goal is 24, for grades 3-4: 27, and for grades 5-6: 28 students per class.

Do you have uniforms or a written dress code?

Through a contract with Lands’ End Uniforms WCS offers a “uniformed standard of dress” that encourages an atmosphere conducive to learning and healthy student interactions. In contrast to a single uniform, this standard line of school attire offers a variety of options, colors and styles that allow room for individual tastes. Guiding principles for this policy are modesty, neatness, and appropriateness. For details, see the WCS Standard of Dress or the Lands’ End website.

Do you offer before-school or after-school care?

Yes, child care is available from 7:00-7:45 a.m. and 3:00-6:00 p.m. on a contractual (extra cost) basis. Please see our Tuition & Fee Schedule or contact Mrs. Robin Foster, Director (ext. 3006) if you have more questions.

Academic Answers

Do you have advanced placement courses?

Yes, advanced placement offerings include Biology, Calculus, English Language, English Literature, and U.S. History. Typically, 95% of the scores earned by our students on formal AP exams are high enough (3, 4, or 5) to earn college credit.

Does WCS have an enrichment or remediation program?

Yes, we offer NILD, LSP, and LEP programs. Because class sizes are limited and individual needs vary, please call our admissions office at (302) 239-2121, x3205 for more information, or email Carol at:

How do you divide your grades?

WCS offers Early Educaton for (PK2-K), Elementary School (1st-5th grade), Middle School (6th-8th grade), and High School (9th-12th grade). Principal Gwen Campbell (PreK2-8th) and Principal Doug Haas (9th-12th) report to the Headmaster.

“Spiritual Life” Answers

How do you teach religion? Do you have Bible classes?

A Christian Education is more that teaching the three Rs plus a Bible or religion class. Rather, it is helping students understand all subjects from a worldview that acknowledges God as both Creator and Sustainer of everything. In addition we offer classes on Christian Doctrine, Ethics, Church History, World Religions, Cults, and Christian Perspectives. Our goal is to see students graduate fully equipped to articulate and defend their faith.

Are you affiliated with a specific church or denomination?

Families from nearly 100 different churches send their children to WCS. We believe the biblical fundamentals of the Protestant faith as summarized in our Statement of Faith.

Other Questions?

"A lot of places can do a great job with academics, but WCS is helping my child develop in a way that will have eternal consequences."

WCS parent