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Learning Support

Wilmington Christian School’s Academic Program provides for differences in ability, interest and learning style. WCS seeks to recognize and diagnose students vulnerable to learning problems as early in their education as possible and throughout their years here so that appropriate educational interventions can be implemented.

The underlying philosophy of our services is that all students can learn if given the right tools and strategies. Students need to have strong perceptual skills to be able to take in information, process it and do something with the information. The perceptual skill areas are visual/auditory processing, visual/auditory memory, visual motor coordination, attention, abstract/logical thinking and social perception. These keys to the educational environment enable students to learn more efficiently and grow in knowledge, in independence and in confidence so that they can better impact the world for Christ.

At the Elementary School level

This Program exists to give extra help in different subject areas to those students who are struggling with academics. Students are provided with the necessary guidance to be more successful as learners both in school and at home.

Small groups of five or fewer students meet at least twice a week with a certified teacher who stays in close contact with the classroom teacher and the parent so that instruction is appropriate for meeting curriculum goals.

Strategies are taught and reinforced for keeping work organized, maintaining a calendar of due dates and working steadily toward the completion of an assignment.

The additional fee for this program is listed on the Tuition and Fee Schedule.

At the Middle and High School levels

The activities at the Elementary level are continued as the students progress through the grades. Added to these basic activities are: strategies for efficient note-taking, test-taking, and studying. Students are taught to prioritize work needed for various subjects and meet the teachers’ expectations. Group size increases to a maximum of ten. The teacher is a mentor for the student and encourages the student to be an advocate for him/herself in solving problems.

The additional fee for this program is listed on the Tuition and Fee Schedule.

Parent Education Program

A key component of the program seeks to encourage and support parents as they work with and advocate for their student. Parent programs include: Support Groups and Informative/Educational Meetings that occur several times during the year. Topics for the Informative/Educational Meetings are chosen by faculty and parents. These meetings are announced through the school newsletter.

Learning Support Staff

  • Tina Eisenhauer
    Director of Educational Services / Educational Therapist
    Elementary School, High School, Middle School

    B.S. University of Delaware

    M.Ed. University of Delaware


"I love that my teachers pray at the start of every class. It helps me to remember that God is with me throughout the day."

WCS elementary student