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History Day

Wilmington Christian School participates in National History Day. History Day is February 25. The topic is Innovation in History. At WCS, eighth grade and eleventh grade American History students will be analyzing and presenting a subject of their choice related to the national topic. Students may choose from a variety of techniques to showcase their work: build displays, research papers, documentaries, computer displays, and dramatic performances. Students may enter the contest as individual researchers or through group participation consisting of two to five students. This is an exciting opportunity for students to interact with primary and secondary sources, experience original research techniques, and creatively display their final research results.

  • Sharon Duncan
    Social Studies Teacher
    High School

    B.A. University of Delaware

    M.A. University of Delaware

"A lot of places can do a great job with academics, but WCS is helping my child develop in a way that will have eternal consequences."

WCS parent