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Could Christian School be an Option for your Family?

Your child’s education—it’s one of the most complex and important issues any parent will face. With many great local schools, public and private, it might be easy to overlook one of our area’s “best kept secrets”—Wilmington Christian School. Many folks may not have ever heard exactly what a “Christian School” is, or have just never thought about it as an option for their family.

Founded in 1946, WCS serves hundreds of families from northern Delaware and southern Chester County, PA every day. From PreK3 through High School graduation, WCS students (about 500 strong) receive a rigorous, well-rounded college preparatory education. WCS kids—and families—are “real people” who deal with real issues of life, yet from a different perspective. It’s a place where Christian community, faith and friendship are put into practice…where school activity, whether academic, athletic, arts or social, is guided by caring Christian staff with a biblical viewpoint on life and learning and everyday life.

Thinking about any change in school is a huge step, especially when you might be already established. Whenever you’d like to find out more, talk with a current school family, or perhaps visit the WCS campus in Hockessin, we’d welcome the chance to meet you!

Getting To Know WCS

Our Commitment

Wilmington Christian School’s mission is to provide a Christ-centered, challenging academic program with instruction based on the Biblical view of God and the world. WCS teaches, influences and encourages each student to effectively integrate Biblical truth into his/her daily life and to impact the culture for Christ.

Monday through Friday, kids begin to “put it all together” and understand how God relates to their learning in Science, History, Fine Arts, Literature, Technology and Math, and how the example of Christ can be demonstrated on the playing field, the lunchroom, the playground and the chapel service.

"I didn't know that a school like this existed."

New WCS parent