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WCS Invited To Join The Delaware Independent Conference

The Board of Directors of the DISC unanimously approved WCS to become an official member in September 2017. For the next two years WCS will be in the conference during a probationary period as stipulated by the Conference by-laws.

The Delaware Independent School Conference (DISC) is a high school athletic conference, whose members are private schools located primarily in Delaware. Its members include:

  • Sanford School
  • St. Andrew’s School
  • The Tatnall School
  • Wilmington Friends School

According to the Directors of Athletics Committee WCS was chosen for the three main reasons:

  • Geographic location of our campus
  • Our High School enrollment size
  • The inclusion of our Middle School

During the next two years, while transitioning into this conference, WCS will still continue to compete in the Diamond State Conference as well as play against DISC schools as much as possible. Full conference competition will begin in September 2017.



1. How will this affect us for State Tournament berths?
Just as the Diamond State has automatic berths for all of the state tournaments, so does the DISC as well as having opportunities to gain at large berths so nothing changes.

2. Are there any different rules we will compete under?
WCS will still be a member of DIAA. However as an associate member there are two exceptions that this will affect:
· Transfers between member schools can play in conference games only

· 5th year students can play in conference play only

· Both of these are based on meeting all other DIAA rules.
3. Do we have to make any other changes in our athletic department in order to join?
No. There were no requirements to meet other than being able to abide by all the rules and by-laws of the conference.

4. Do we have to play all the same sports as the conference does?
No. The only rule is that we must compete in one boys’ and one girls’ sport per season, which we already do. During the 2015-16 school year WCS will be doing a full evaluation of the overall sports programs and the sports we offer. We will then look to make any additions or changes before we move to the new conference.

5. How will this benefit our Middle School?
We will now compete on a regular basis and be part of a conference, which we currently do not have. The only difference is that only 7th and 8th graders are eligible to compete. In the event of requirements for more athletes we can request waivers on a case-by-case basis for 6th graders. Again this change will not take effect until the 2017-18 school year.

"How valuable it is to send my son to a school that dovetails with what we are teaching him at home and at church!"

WCS middle school parent